German for chess players

Paterson   Are you a chess player? Have you ever thought what those pieces are called in German? Here ...


What type of learner are you? An Infographic

wakefully As adult learners we sometimes find it hard to keep up with a group of other learners because ...


10 ways to use the German word ‘Na’

order neurontin Hey you, how’s it going? A very informal greeting, which in German would be – Na du, wie ...


Let’s talk about money – in German, of course!

  Show me the money! Let’s talk about money! To be more precise, German money and what the Germans ...


15 Things to find in a German Church

If you have ever been inside a German church, whether for a service or just to admire the ...


How To Learn Any Language In Record Time

This elearning infographic founds its way into my inbox a while ago. Although I don’t necessarily agree with ...


25 ways to help you learn German

I found this infographic and have to admit that my main reason for this blog post is so that ...


8 reasons why you should learn a second language

I came across another great infographic with the option to embed it into my blog. It’s a post ...


Help, I don’t know when to use im, am or um!

Im, am, um – three little words that can cause so much trouble. I often hear students use ...


25 phrases with “doch”

Anything you can do I can do better I can do anything better than you No, you can’t ...


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