7 fun ways to improve your memory while learning German

Turbo I saw this beautiful infographic recently about 7 fun ways to improve your memory, but I’d like to ...


The Autobahn Adventure – an infographic about driving on Germany’s motorways

Miamisburg   Have you ever driven on Germany’s motorways? Are you planning a first holiday in Germany and want ...


German is not boring!!!

piteously German + boring??? Readers of my blog know that I would never put those two words together unless ...


7 ways to stay motivated when learning German

I have shown you an infographic about language learning  from eLearning Infographics before. I get their newsletter and every so ...


10 reasons why you should learn German

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you probably don’t need any reasons for learning German. ...


Let’s get Kuchen!

  Last week I was sent this infographic about German cakes, made by the lovely people of swissôtel. I ...


Why Language Learning is important

I came across this beautiful infographic about why language learning is important. It says everything I’ve ever said ...


German Grammar – sie, sie or Sie?

How do you know whether ‘sie’ means she or they or You? Do you know the difference? Several ...


German Grammar – Gender

Most English speakers struggle with the concept of different genders. In English everything is ‘the’ and all of ...


How long does it take to learn German?

I’ve lost count on how many times I heard that question and the answer depends on so many ...


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