7 ways to stay motivated when learning German

I have shown you an infographic about language learning  from eLearning Infographics before. I get their newsletter and every so often an infographic pops up that applies just as much to learning German as it does to other things. This one, for example, “7 ways to stay motivated” doesn’t really matter whether you are supposed to practise your piano, for an exam or some German. In all those cases you need motivation and (according to the infographic) it’s the difference between getting things done and remaining horizontal on a Netflix binge”.

Of course, you are enjoying learning German so much, you don’t have any problems staying motivated …………….

Well, I’d love you to say that, but I know we all have moments when motivation to do something, including learning German, is failing us. Even if you have found your perfect way to learn German there will always be a time when you are asking yourself why you are learning German. I hope it doesn’t come to that, but if it does, have a look at this infographic and see if these 7 ways might be useful to help you back on track.

7 Ways to Stay Motivated when learning German
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