How do you practise your German when you’re no longer a beginner?

One way is to incorporate the new language into daily tasks.

On this page you’ll find planners and journals which you might already use just in English. My planners go a step further and allow you to use them as a learning aid as well. They all have a little list with words which I have already translated for you plus pages for further translations of your own. Then use the journals as you would in English, but in German – happy learning!

All journals are available on all amazon sites. Clicking on the ‘Learn More’ buttons or the pictures will take you to your country’s site where you can get more information and then decide whether to buy it or not.

 A blank recipe book for 50 German recipes with space for vocab or whole sentence translations

  A 52 week planner for those who like to plan their meals and learn German.

 A 31 day food diary for those who want to track their food and learn German

More to come!

In the meantime, here’s a short video showing you how you could use the above mentioned books

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