November Church Holidays in Germany

November always seems a sad month in Germany. One reason is the weather. Although November days can be absolutely beautiful, especially when the sun is shining and you can see the trees with all their colourful leaves. But often it’s just wet or damp or foggy. Then there are several church/ public holidays, seven, in … Read more

How to take a virtual trip around Berlin

Today’s blog post is very short as you won’t want to stay here long (I allow it for once ☺) Today’s blog post is for those who’d love to go to Germany but can’t. Let me tell you about Virtual Vacation. This website has virtual walking, driving and flying tours for lots of cities, including … Read more

10 German museums you can visit virtually

It’s disappointing when a trip to Germany doesn’t happen, whether it’s because of the Coronavirus or any other reason. But you can still look around German museums. It’s obviously not the same as being there in person, but at least these visits are free. Here are 10 mueums in Germany, where you can take a … Read more

Auf dem Bahnhof – at the station

The last time we were travelling by train in Germany we nearly missed our last train. There was an announcement that the train wasn’t arriving on the specified platform and that we had to go to a different platform. Unfortunately, the announcement sounded something like:”Der Zug von ….  nicht …Gleis ….” By the time we … Read more

Outdoor fitness equipment you might find in Germany

Last year, when we were in Germany during those really hot days in July (over 40°C), we went for a walk in a forest because it was pleasantly cool. As we came out of the forest we came across an outdoor gym. We would have loved to try them out, but as it was midday and … Read more

Smoking – or not – in Germany

Whether you are a smoker or not, it’s good to know where people can/ cannot smoke in Germany. Unlike in the UK, where there is a general smoking ban in all enclosed work places, the law is slightly different in Germany. Generally, yes, there is a smoking ban, but what exactly that is depends on … Read more

Watching German News on YouTube

Last week I read Teddy Nee’s blog post about watching TV on YouTube  I was a post for a variety of languages and it also included a link to a German news channel on YouTube. It made me think. I have written about watching German TV before: Improve your German with German TV but it requires finding … Read more

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