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Do you remember the advert phrase “I liked it so I bought the company”?
Well, I couldn’t buy any companies but I can be an affiliate.

So the following links are affiliate links to those comapanies I liked enough to be connected to. Clicking on any links won’t cost you anything, but if you find that something they offer would be useful to you and you buy it, I earn a little commision. You’re not paying that commission, the company does.

NEW: Webbu – German short stories

NEW: Mondly

Bilingua Music

Bilingua Music is perfect for those who want to sing German songs (or English, French, Spanish or Italian) with their young children. To find out more about it, check out my blog post Sing in German with your child with help from BilinguaSing

Deutsch Gym

The Deutsch Gym is the perfect place for intermediate to advanced students to practise their speaking. To find out more about it, check out my blog post Improve your German speaking at the Deutsch Gym

They also now do intensive courses, worth checking out.



Italki is a cost effective way to start speaking to others. You can choose to have lessons with a professional teacher (which is dearer) or a cheaper community teacher, usually somebody who is a native speaker, who can help you with conversations but not necessarily with grammar.


Mosalingua is another website where you can learn more than just German. You have 15 days to try it for free, so make good use of that time, enjoy it, but also make a note to cancel your credit card just in case you’re not happy. Mosalingua has advanced since I wrote about it, but you can check out my blog post here Learn German with Mosalingua – a review


Yabla has lots of videos with exercies for you to improve your German (or Spanish, French, Italian, Chinese or English). A few of them are free so that you can try it out. I wrote about it while there was still more for free but it gives you an idea whether to have a go or not: Improve your German with videos from Yabla


PS. If you like to see the legal bit check my affiliate disclosure.

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