German interjections

Do you know what interjections are? Interjections are words like oh, yes, no, well, ugh, oh well ….. ...


German adjective endings – an infographic

A while ago I wrote a blog post about using crib sheets When is cheating not cheating? – ...


How good is your German?

How good is your German? What level are you? I have a love-hate relationship with levels. Yes, they ...


How to enjoy what you have learned

The following text is from my book The A to Z of Learning German: 26 ideas to make learning ...


How often do you practise your German?

How often do you practise your German? Don’t worry, I’m not testing you, but I thought we might ...


Learn German vocabulary by topic: Obst & Gemüse – fruit & veg

Let’s learn some German vocabulary based on a topic. And this month’s topic is one of the fruit ...


Beelinguapp – a review

This article has been sponsored by Beelinguapp – Learn languages with stories you love. The lovely people from ...


5 useless habits of would-be German learners

As somebody who has been teaching German for 30 years I have come across many habits, thoughts, ideas ...


Bedeuten, meinen, vorhaben: what do these German verbs mean?

Do you know that feeling? You need to write something in German but you need to look up ...


Write more to improve your German

The following text is part of a chapter from my book The A to Z of Learning German: 26 ...


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