A Bit of Fun

Are you a ‘Muffel’?

Do you know what a Muffel is? Apart from being such a great word what is it? It’s ...


15 fun activities for German learning parents and children

I’d been thinking about writing a blog post with activities for parents and their children to do on ...


Let’s have some fun with German idioms & compound nouns

Last week we had our first ever online charity event.  Seven people got together for an hour and ...


Bear with me, it’s nearly Christmas 😉

Regular readers may remember my post about my visit to Moonraker Bears a few years ago: Im Bärenkrankenhaus – ...


10 places where you can practise your German

You’ve been learning German for a while and, although you do enjoy it, you’re getting a bit bored. ...


Test your German with James Bond

As there is talk about a new James Bond film, I thought you might like to test your ...


5 ideas to practise your German speaking

When you want to teach yourself German and start looking for resources, you can find lots of things ...


10 German words to describe a doorbell prank

Did you do silly things when you were young? The other day I came across this meme on ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - sparen

Sparen – how to save like the Germans

No, this is not a post about how Germans might save their money differently to you, this is ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - learn german

What is it like to learn German?

Last week we went for a lovely walk at Southwick Country Park . Those of you who know me, know ...


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