Life in Germany

Childhood memories: das Sandmännchen

When I was 4 years old my parents bought their first TV set, black and white with 2 ...


Improve your German with All4, Amazon & Netflix

How can you improve your German with films if your level has gone past children’s cartoons but to ...


6 German signs for child safety

The following six signs caught my eye on my last visit to Germany. There are many more similar ...


Smoking – or not – in Germany

Whether you are a smoker or not, it’s good to know where people can/ cannot smoke in Germany. ...


Im Kindergarten – at the nursery school

As a student many many years ago in Germany, I had to do a work experience in a ...


What is a ‘Litfaßsäule’?

When you go to Germany you might see some of those round things, like the one in the ...


How to talk about food in German

Imagine you’re eating a meal in Germany, either in a restaurant or at somebody’s house, and you’re being ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - advent

Weihnachten in Deutschland – a reading comprehension for Advent

Learn some German Christmas vocabulary and practise your German reading skills with this text. Then try the quiz ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - christmas

How to improve your German while getting ready for Christmas

Does your German learning take a back burner during Advent because you’re too busy with other things? Why ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - cereals

Can I get my favourite cereals in Germany?

If you had asked that question when I was a little girl, the answer might have been a ...


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