One off lessons

Are you learning German on your own?

Everything is going well …….. and then you come across a problem. You find out about a grammar aspect and no matter how much you read about it you cannot work it out!

What can you do?

Well, you can continue your German learning journey hoping that your problem will disappear one day because you finally ‘get it’, or …

… you can book one off lessons with me!

And the best news? You can have your first 15 minutes for free!

After that the options are:

  • a quick 15 minutes session for short queries (£8.75)
  • a longer 30 minutes lesson for £17.50 (or £8.75 if you haven’t used the free 15 minutes yet)
  • a full 60 minutes lesson for £35 (or £26.25 if you haven’t used the free 15 minutes)

Lessons can be online via one of these options: Whereby, Facebook Messenger, Eyeson, WhatsApp.

Once you’ve booked your time, you will get an email from me asking you to tell me about your query (so that I can prepare for it), how you would like to connect and – if it’s not the free session – with a link to PayPal for advanced payment.

Then look forward to our lesson!
Ready to book your first lesson?

(The calendar has slots of 15 minutes. If you want more than 15 minutes, please book the appropriate slots)


If you can’t find a suitable time in the calendar, email me  with your availability, as I might be able to find another time slot. And, of course, you can also enquire  about regular weekly or fortnightly lessons at £33 p/hr.

4 thoughts on “One off lessons”

  1. Dear Angelika,
    I would like to organise some German lessons for my son, Christian, who is in Y9. He’s got behind due to past ill health. Regular 1-hour or less slots would be great.


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