Angelika’s German Tuition & Translation charity events

2024’s charity is still “School Fees for Perfect and Princess”

In 2023 we raised £140, thank you to everyone who donated or bought books.

Sadly, we had to cancel our Carol singing on the day it was supposed to happen, but some people donated anyway and together with my earnings from Quora’s German Learners’ Lounge plus 10% of the profit from any of my books sold on Amazon we still made a total of £122, thank you, danke!

Our 2021 online singing has raised £201! Earnings from Quora’s German Learners’ Lounge plus 10% of the profit from any of my books sold on Amazon made another £66, making it a total of £267, thank you to everybody who helped, danke!

In 2014 we supported my friend Ida’s charity Let Them Help Themselves. I’ve since found out that Ida personally is supporting two young girls, Perfect & Princess, through school. To keep them in school for the next 6 years she needs £6,500. I’m hoping we can help a little bit. If you can also help, this is the link to her GoFundMe page: School Fees for Perfect & Princess

Our annual German Carol singing went online this time and raised £150.

In 2019 we raised a further £135 for Carer Support Wiltshire

  • The German Carol singing evening raised £85, making it, together with an extra £4 from the poetry book profit, a total of £195.00 for Carer Support Wiltshire. Thank you to everybody who contributed!

2017’s charity was Julia’s House, who has built a children’s hospice in Devizes. We raised £170.42!

2016’s charity was the Wiltshire Air Ambulance again, for which we raised £154.21



2016-04-13 19.46.53
The highest and lowest score from our Skittles evening ☺

2015’s charity was Hop Skip and Jump, a local charity which provides immediate and flexible, day and evening respite care, 7 days a week, to children and adults with life limiting illness, disabilities and Special needs, no matter how complex. We raised £230.00!

2014’s charity was Let Them Help Themselves. Thank you to everybody who helped raise £365.83 this year. That money could pay school fees for 9 children for an entire year! DANKE!

Our last event of 2013, the German Carol singing was a great success. All in all we raised £141.03 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance.

The first charity event was on Wednesday 20 March 2013 – a German Board Game Evening in aid of Macmillan.

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