How to talk about food in German

Imagine you’re eating a meal in Germany, either in a restaurant or at somebody’s house, and you’re being asked: “Schmeckt’s?” (Or possibly ‘Schmeckt es dir/ Ihnen?’) because the host/ waiter wants to know if the meal tastes alright. What do you answer? A quick and easy answer could be “Ja, gut.” Or you could say … Read more

Can I get my favourite cereals in Germany?

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - cereals

If you had asked that question when I was a little girl, the answer might have been a NO. Growing up I only knew of  ‘Haferflocken’ (oats) and then Müsli and Conflakes. The word ‘Cerealien’ for cereal wasn’t even used because the only cereal was Conflakes. Thinks have changed over the years as the following … Read more

Let’s get Kuchen!

  Last week I was sent this infographic about German cakes, made by the lovely people of swissôtel. I tried to write a blog post about it but only managed to drool over those cake pictures. As I can’t leave a ‘call to action’ and ask you, dear readers, to bake me one of those cakes, … Read more

German Christmas Markets

Have you ever been to a German Christmas Market? Wooden stalls, marzipan, lovely Christmas decorations, mulled wine ……   Wonderful, if you get the chance to go…. And if you don’t, there are now  lots of Christmas markets around the world. Wikipedia even has a list. The most famous one in England is possibly the German … Read more

Emmas Enkel – an innovative German corner shop with a future

EDIT 2016: Sadly, the idea was more difficult to keep going than they thought and Emmas Enkel has been sold to a large supermarket chain. I still like the idea, so will leave my post. The Germans call a corner shop ‘Tante-Emma-Laden’ as children used to address the shop assistants as auntie, like Auntie Emma. … Read more

Improve your German and bake a cake

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you. While planning for a lesson today I found this lovely old children’s cookery book, which I was once given together with a cooking set. I couldn’t remember how old I … Read more

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