Why “Are we nearly there yet?” shouldn’t be a question for language learners

how much is clomid to buy privately “Are we nearly there yet?” Or as German children would shout “Sind wir bald da?” (Make sure you ...


The seasons of language learning

credulously Learning a language is like going through the four seasons. Spring As a beginner you are excited about ...


7 techniques to remember anything, including your German!

firstly This is another infographic from elearning infographics which, I have to admit, I’m posting mainly for myself (so ...


What is the difference between completing a puzzle and learning German?

There are actually a lot of similarities between completing a puzzle and learning German. As a toddler you ...


When is cheating not cheating?

Every so often I give my students information sheets that they can use to help with their German ...


The many benefits of lifelong learning

Although today’s blog post is very general and is about anything you can learn, please remember that a ...


8 reasons to learn a foreign language

These 8 reasons to learn a foreign language are worth repeating in case you, or somebody you know ...


How to learn German based on the 4 common language skills

Whether you learn German on your own or you want to add to your class learning, to get ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - vision board

Achieve your German learning goals faster and easier with a vision board

EDIT: I prepared this post a while ago before the corona virus decided to turn our lives upside ...


Top 10 reasons to learn a foreign language

I came across these top 10 reasons to learn a foreign language and totally agree with them – ...


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