6 German signs for child safety

The following six signs caught my eye on my last visit to Germany. There are many more similar signs, but I thought I’d tell you about these six. This sign warns any drivers that children may be on the road. You’ll find these near schools or nursery schools where children might cross, or in areas … Read more

Help, I don’t know when to use zu Hause or nach Hause!

So you’ve been learning dative prepositions and you know that ‘zu’ and ‘nach’ can mean ‘to’, because you’ve been practising lots of sentences, like “Wie komme ich zum Bahnhof?” or “Wir fliegen nach Deutschland.” ……. And then somebody says “Ich bin zu Hause” and tells you that it means ‘I’m at home.’ WHAT??? And you … Read more

3 useful German prefixes: ein, aus, um

In today’s post I’d like to tell you about the three prefixes ein-, aus-, and um-. When added to a verb they change the meaning of that verb. Sometimes the new meanings belong to the same ideas. For example: steigen – to rise, climb     ⇒    einsteigen, aussteigen, umsteigen – get on (a train … Read more

The German word ‘ihr’

This little three letter German word ‘ihr’ is causing many learners problems and I often get asked “which ‘ihr’ is it?”. Grammar books aren’t much help, because they mention ‘ihr’ on the appropriate pages but not together. So, that’s what I have tried to do with this infographic. Ihr can have 5 different meaning, 2 … Read more

What type of learner are you? An Infographic

As adult learners we sometimes find it hard to keep up with a group of other learners because we want to learn different things or in a different way. That’s why I love the opportunities we have nowadays for teaching ourselves online with all those different resources. Although it takes time to find what suits … Read more

10 ways to use the German word ‘Na’

Hey you, how’s it going? A very informal greeting, which in German would be – Na du, wie geht’s? (if you’re talking to one person) Na ihr, wie geht’s? (if you’re talking to more than one) Apart from ‘na, du/ ihr’ there are lots more phrases with ‘Na’. In this infographic I give you the … Read more

15 Things to find in a German Church

If you have ever been inside a German church, whether for a service or just to admire the building, you might have wondered what some of the things you see are called. The last time I went back to Germany I attended a church service in the church I was confirmed many years ago and … Read more

Let’s get Kuchen!

  Last week I was sent this infographic about German cakes, made by the lovely people of swissôtel. I tried to write a blog post about it but only managed to drool over those cake pictures. As I can’t leave a ‘call to action’ and ask you, dear readers, to bake me one of those cakes, … Read more

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