6 German signs for child safety

The following six signs caught my eye on my last visit to Germany. There are many more similar ...


Help, I don’t know when to use zu Hause or nach Hause!

  So you’ve been learning dative prepositions and you know that ‘zu’ and ‘nach’ can mean ‘to’, because ...


3 useful German prefixes: ein, aus, um

In today’s post I’d like to tell you about the three prefixes ein-, aus-, and um-. When added ...


The German word ‘ihr’

This little three letter German word ‘ihr’ is causing many learners problems and I often get asked “which ...


What type of learner are you? An Infographic

As adult learners we sometimes find it hard to keep up with a group of other learners because ...


10 ways to use the German word ‘Na’

Hey you, how’s it going? A very informal greeting, which in German would be – Na du, wie ...


15 Things to find in a German Church

If you have ever been inside a German church, whether for a service or just to admire the ...


Help, I don’t know when to use im, am or um!

Im, am, um – three little words that can cause so much trouble. I often hear students use ...


25 phrases with “doch”

Anything you can do I can do better I can do anything better than you No, you can’t ...


Let’s get Kuchen!

  Last week I was sent this infographic about German cakes, made by the lovely people of swissôtel. I ...


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