Language Learning Planners

During 2022 I will give 10% of any profit Amazon pays me to School Fees for Perfect & Princess   For more information, check out my charity page

This page contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you.

My planners has been designed to give language learners a whole year of keeping track of their learning. The undated 52-week diary can be started at any time. They have a short planner for 12 months followed by 52 weeks of detailed planning/ learning. Each week has two pages. Page one is for keeping track of what has been learned. Page two has space for reflecting what went well and what might need more practice. There is also a short space for next week’s ideas. At the end of each week there is an idiom with translation just for fun or for a challenge of using it the following week.

All planners are available on all amazon sites. Clicking on the ‘Learn More’ buttons or the pictures will take you to your country’s site where you can get more information and then decide whether to buy it or not.

This planner is for those who are learning German as it comes with 53 German idioms plus translations.

This planner has  53 language learning quotes and is suitable for any language you may learn.

This planner is for those who are learning French as it comes with 53 French idioms plus translations.

In addition to the planners I now also offer vocabulary notebooks, where you can revise new vocabulary based on the topics you’re currently learning. There is space for 25 topics and each topic has 4 pages. The first one is blank for you to doodle or make a mind map. Then a page for your new vocab, and finally 2 pages for you to make sentences with the new words to reinforce what you’ve learned. You can even choose between 2 different covers ☺

 about the red book

about the orange book

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