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Ask Angelika is a fortnightly video show where you can ask any German related question. This playlist has all the shows. If you are on Facebook, you can also join the group Ask Angelika, in case you don’t want to be on camera but still like to ask queastions.

If you’re on pinterest, check out what other interesting websites I sometimes find: German films, music, grammar lessons, recipes and lots more, including non-German things (chickens, allotment, exercise, art …)

Here are some more useful links for language learners:

Facts about Germany

Watch a short German film by Jamie McDine: Sehnsucht

Lots of online information, activities, lessons:

Learn German: The complete step by step guide to learning German as a foreign language

DUOLINGO – also see my review about it

Games for Languages – see my review 

Lingohut – see my review here


Goethe Institut

For those who want to do German activities with their children, check out the following websites

Enchanted learning


Blinde Kuh

Kleinkind online

Or visit voyage kids, the UK-German Primary website.  Packed full of games, quizzes, special seasonal features and things to make and do, voyage kids
supports language learning and bilateral contacts, giving children a real
insight into German culture, and helping them to get creative with German.

And if you are a primary school teacher wishing to teach German, check out Zeit für Deutsch, where you can purchase useful resources.

And don’t forget the downloadable booklet of  German Christmas songs


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