Three German words that can make strange translations

As German learners start to learn more and more vocabulary, they learn that ‘questions’ are ‘Fragen’ and the verb ‘to ask’ is ‘fragen’. So when they want to say ‘asking questions’ they say ‘Fragen fragen’. That’s not how we say it in German (although if you said it, people would understand you). Asking questions in … Read more

10 ways to improve your German Learning

Feeling a bit stuck when it comes to learning German?Here are 10 ways to improve your learning: ☑️Don’t compare yourself to othersWe all learn differently and some of us may have had a language learning advantange. Don’t compare yourself to them, only compare yourself to yourself from yesterday or last week or last month etc… … Read more

How much German should I learn before my visit?

“How much German should I learn before I visit Germany?” This is a question I get frequently asked and my initial thought always is “How long is a piece of string?” If I had to answer with one sentence, I would say ‘as much as possible’, whereas others would say ‘You don’t need any German, … Read more

Ordering coffee in Germany

One of the first things you usually learn as a beginner is how to order a coffee in Germany. You learn that a cup of coffee is ‘eine Tasse Kaffee’: And a pot of coffee is ‘ein Kännchen Kaffee’: So, I was really surprised when during our holidays in Germany I spotted this: Two thoughts … Read more

5 tips to help you become a more effective German learner

Although this post is called “5 tips to help you become a more effective German learner” it does cover any language. Motivation Before you start learning German, you want to have a good reason for learning. If you’re reading this post, you most likely have a very good reason for learning German. You might want … Read more

What’s the difference between hiking on a snowy mountain and learning German?

I haven’t written a ‘what’s the difference between (a sport) and learning German’ post  for quite a while. So when I spent the weekend in Sofia, Bulgaria with my son and daughter and we went hiking on the snowy Vitosha mountain I knew this would make another blog post ☺ So, what is the difference … Read more

15 quirky ideas to learn German in December

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you. Are you always on the lookout for some quirky German learning ideas? How about 15 ideas for December? According to Kleiner Kalender (English version: Cute Calendar) each day of the month … Read more

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