Let’s talk about money – in German, of course!


Let's talk about money - in German, of course!

Show me the money! Let’s talk about money! To be more precise, German money and what the Germans might call it.

First some ‘normal’ words (plural ending in brackets):

  • der Euro(s) – Euro
  • der Cent(s) – Cent(s)
  • das Bargeld – cash
  • das Kleingeld – small/ loose change
  • das Wechselgeld – change
  • das Taschengeld – pocket money
  • das Falschgeld – counterfeit money
  • die Banknote(n) – banknote(s)
  • der Geldschein(n) – banknote(s)
  • die Münze(n) – coin(s)

Now for some slang words instead of ‘Geld’. Just like in English people might say mint, monkey, an arm and a leg, etc….., you may hear Germans use others words, too. I wouldn’t  suggest that you use those words, but if you hear them in a German film, a song  or you hear it said on the streets, you’ll know what people talk about ☺

Here are those slang words again:

  • Asche
  • Bares
  • Blüten (counterfeit money)
  • Cash
  • Finanzen
  • Flöhe
  • Kies
  • Knete
  • Kohle
  • Kröten
  • Mäuse
  • Moneten
  • Moos
  • Peseten
  • Piepen
  • Pinkepinke
  • Scheine
  • Schotter
  • Taler
  • Zaster

Some phrases/ idioms:

  • Geld ist Macht – money talks
  • Geld spielt keine Rolle – money is no object
  • Geld stinkt nicht – money doesn’t smell
  • Geld wie Heu haben – to have money to burn
  • Geld regiert die Welt – a golden key can open any door
  • Das Geld liegt auf der Straße – the street are paved with money
  • Geld zum Fenster hinauswerfen – to pour money down the drain
  • Zeit ist Geld – time is money

How about Abba’s song ‘Money Money Money in German? Here it is from Mamma Mia, the German version of the musical:

Or if you’d rather find out how money was invented (AND learn some German) check out the following easy videos:

And, of course, show me the money ☺

But now, that you have read all this, here’s one more German saying:

Über Geld spricht man nicht! 

I’ll leave it to you to translate that sentence ☺

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