32 ways to learn faster – an infographic

In one of the latest eLearning  newsletters I found the following infographic. It has 32 tips for learning in general, but they are also useful for German learners in  particular. Some of them  are more useful to advanced learners, whereas others are perfect for beginners. I’m not suggesting that you should apply all of them, but have a read through and pick some of the tips to make your German learning more structured (like tips 9 or 26), faster and enjoyable (like tips 7 or 28). I particularly like tip 23 ‘Look things up’. So many times students think it’s cheating when you look things up. It isn’t! If it helps you learn German then it’s  a great way to learn.  Which tip do you like best or which one is completely new to you?
(The original post can be found here: Boost Your Learning Capacity Infographic )

Boost Your Learning Capacity Infographic
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