Language study habits – an infographic

This infographic arrived in my inbox a few days ago and I found it interesting to see how self learner study their languages. The infographic is from a school that teaches Japanese but I think if I or others did this survey we would most likely get similar results (Except for the crocodiles ☺)

Language Study Habits Infographic
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I noticed a change over the last few years in language learning. Fewer people want evening classes and/ or regular lessons, mainly because they either can’t afford the costs or because they cannot attend every week. So they start to study on their own. That requires a lot of discipline but, in comparison to a few years ago, I noticed that more and more people do this successfully with the help of online resources or books.

What does that mean for me? Am I losing students because of this? No! Although I don’t have quite as many students who have weekly lessons,  I am helping many German students learn on their own.

    • Free resources: in my blog I often write about free (or almost free) resources. And if you subscribe to my newsletter, you also get a free PDF with lots of free online resources.
    • My planners: my German and language learning planners are a great way to plan and organise your self study
    • My books: I have a few books with tips for learning German (hopefully next years there will be more to come)
    • My online courses: When you learn on your own it is often difficult to get answers to grammar problems. My courses consist of (usually) short videos to help you with particular grammar issues (more courses to come), but unlike books, you have access to the instructor. So for the fraction of a lesson you can learn about German grammar and still ask if you don’t understand something.
    • One-off German lessons. If you enjoy your German learning and everything goes well, that’s fantastic! But if you come across a problem and cannot find any way to solve it, you can book just one-off lessons with me. Email me  to find out more (cost,  timing & the best way to do the lessons – at home, via Whereby or eyeson)

Going back to the infographic, I’d like to know your answers to the last 3 questions.

  • Do you listen to music when you study (and is it German music)?
  • Where do you study most often?
  • And what is your most common disruption – especially, is it crocodiles??? ☺

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