How To Learn Any Language In Record Time

This elearning infographic founds its way into my inbox a while ago. Although I don’t necessarily agree with the statement that by following these tips and tricks you’ll be fluent in about 3 months, they are useful tips, and depending on how much time you spend learning, you could, of course, be fluent!
The inforgraphic is meant for any language, which means it is also suitable for learning German ☺

How To Learn Any Language In Record Time Infographic
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Which tip did you find the most useful?

2 thoughts on “How To Learn Any Language In Record Time

  1. Hello, thank you for this great infographic! I would add in that an overall tip: starting thinking and doing a web search in the language you’re learning.
    Just begin to make any web search by looking for the right keyword or phrase to look for. That is one of the best exercises to think in that language; may be the foundation to learn any language. By the way, is it possible in this blog to chat about the basic customs of German peoples and businesses ? Thank you.

    1. Great tip!
      They did mention books and songs but not the internet! As for customs, I have written a few posts but it’s quite difficult for me as I don’t live in Germany anymore and things change. So I always need to double check that my information is (still) correct.

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