10 ways to use the German word 'Na'

Hey you, how’s it going? A very informal greeting, which in German would be –

Na du, wie geht’s? (if you’re talking to one person)
Na ihr, wie geht’s? (if you’re talking to more than one)

Apart from ‘na, du/ ihr’ there are lots more phrases with ‘Na’. In this infographic I give you the most common ones:

10 ways to use the German word 'Na'

So, if anybody tells you that German is a rubbish language and you shouldn’t learn it, you can say “So what? I don’t care!” But you can say it in German!

Na und? Ist mir egal!

3 thoughts on “10 ways to use the German word ‘Na’

  1. You can’t imagine how helpful this is. Not even my last teacher, who is a native speaker, could put in words the difference between all these expressions. Thanks:)!!

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