Improve your German with Pinterest

  Pinterest is wonderful for finding resources which can help you learn German. If you already know how ...


How to conjugate German verbs in the present tense

When you start German lessons, after a while you learn how to conjugate verbs. For English speakers that ...


How to procrastinate and learn German

EDIT July 2018: is not available at the moment. They are updating their website and until it’s ...


Revise your German with these free videos

Last week I came across a post on Google+ with a video about prepositions. I checked it out ...


Das Verbarium – German verbs at your fingertips

EDIT 2019: It looks like they removed this version, as the links don’t work. They have made a ...


Improve your German with children’s books

Whether you are learning German or would like to read to your child in German, children’s books are ...


Help, I don’t know when to use kennen or wissen!

A question I often get asked is “When do I use wissen and when kennen?” A quick look in the dictionary ...


Help, I don’t know when to use mir or mich!

At some point when learning German you will come across pronouns, those little words that replace a noun. ...


Learn some German on a rainy day

It’s raining again! Whether it’s raining where you are or not, we all like to talk (or should ...


Grammar lesson – the German informal plural you

  In the last few weeks various students from different groups  mentioned to me that they were struggling ...


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