How to pronounce German words with ‘ei’ and ‘ie’

  Unlike the chap in the video, I have not come across anybody who had problems saying “ich ...


5 ways to translate the German word ‘man’

Sometimes certain German words have many meanings in English depending on the context in which you use them. ...


How to work out when when is wann, wenn or als?

Do you know when to use wann, wenn or als if you want to translate when into German. ...


Setzen, stellen oder legen – oh, I’ll just put it there!

A few years ago a student was talking in German about items on a table. He said:”Ich putze das Buch auf ...


How to use Google Translate to help spell German words

When you start learning German in weekly lessons with a group or with a textbook on your own, at ...


How to say New Year’s resolutions in German

It’s that time of the year again –  nearly New Year’s Eve – and time to make New ...


Dasselbe? Das Gleiche? It’s all the same to me!

Dasselbe? Das Gleiche? It’s all the same to me! Or is it? Sometimes you want to say that ...


How to use a German text to improve your comprehension

As a regular blog reader you know that I often post about different ways to practise your German, ...


Care for some smarter German?

Regular readers know that I’m always on the lookout for free resources to enable you to speak smarter German ...


Improve your German with Pinterest

  Pinterest is wonderful for finding resources which can help you learn German. If you already know how ...


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