10+ German translations for the English word “to” When you learn vocabulary it helps if there is a straight translation. For example, when it comes to learning ...


Help, I don’t know when to use der Teil or das Teil! Did you know that the German word for part is Teil? There are other words, but in this ...


German word order for beginners – verb in 2nd place

Wenshan City When you start learning German, one of the first rules you learn is “verb in 2nd place”. This ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - Why is 'das Mädchen' neuter

Why is ‘das Mädchen’ neuter?

When new students who are beginners learn about gender in German, it usually doesn’t take long before somebody ...

Angelika's German Tuition and Translation - old textbooks

Is it OK to learn German with old textbooks?

Are you always on the lookout for German textbooks? Do you sometimes find some in charity shops, secondhand ...


How to conjugate German verbs in the perfect tense

  If you have just started learning German, then you won’t need to watch these videos. But you ...


3 useful German prefixes: ein, aus, um

In today’s post I’d like to tell you about the three prefixes ein-, aus-, and um-. When added ...


Practise your German grammar with the Digitale Schule Bayern

EDIT SEPTEMBER 2020: The Digitale Schule Bayern has closed. It’s not very clear whether this is permanent or ...


Help, I don’t know when to use ich auch, mir auch or mich auch!

In English it is easy to agree with somebody. Whether they say ‘I’m cold’, ‘I’m hungry’ or ‘he ...


A review of 5 German online spellcheckers

The other day I was asked if there was a similar grammar and spelling check site for German, ...


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