German compound nouns

Let’s have some fun with German idioms & compound nouns

Last week we had our first ever online charity event.  Seven people got together for an hour and ...


Deutsch am Donnerstag – Schnee

Don’t you just love snow in winter? Well, maybe not when you have to drive to work… I ...


How to pronounce those long German words

As most of you know German words can be fun, especially those long ones. Often my students look ...


Deutsch am Donnerstag – Schule

  A new school year started this week, so I thought ‘school’ would be a great topic for ...


Frohe Ostern – Happy Easter

Are you looking forward to searching for your Easter eggs? You’ve already eaten them all? Or maybe you ...


Learn some German on a rainy day

It’s raining again! Whether it’s raining where you are or not, we all like to talk (or should ...


Lost German compound nouns found after long search

About two years ago I posted an A to Z of long German compound nouns on twitter – ...


German Compound Nouns are Outnumbered!

Have I got your attention? Did you think, ‘Yay, no more those long, long German words’. Or was ...


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