How the German word Schein can create some pretence

Last month I told you about lots of German words ending in -schein: How the German word Schein creates something special I told you that ‘schein’ means appearance, but could also mean shine. And at the end of that post I wrote: Der Schein trügt.Appearances are deceptive. This leads us nicely to words beginning with … Read more

Let’s have some fun with German idioms & compound nouns

Last week we had our first ever online charity event.  Seven people got together for an hour and brought literal translations of German idioms and working out what they meant. Not only did we have great fun, we also raised £165 for this year’s charity. If you also like to donate, here’s the link:  School Fees … Read more

Deutsch am Donnerstag – Schnee

Don’t you just love snow in winter? Well, maybe not when you have to drive to work… I certainly only like it when on holidays! But I do like German snow words. der Schnee – snow der Schneemann – snow man der Schneebesen – whisk (obviously nothing to do with real snow, but think what … Read more

How to pronounce those long German words

As most of you know German words can be fun, especially those long ones. Often my students look at these words and ask me how  to pronounce words like ‘Verkehrsverbindungen’ (transport connections) or ‘Haftpflichtversicherung’ (liability insurance) or ‘Geburtstagseinladung’ (birthday invitation). In a lesson it’s easy as I can give them the answer,but what to do … Read more

Deutsch am Donnerstag – Schule

  A new school year started this week, so I thought ‘school’ would be a great topic for our ‘German on Thursday’ post. As most of you know, the Germans love to use compound nouns (words consisting of more than one noun). In English they usually stay as two (or more) words, like ‘school bus’ whereas … Read more

Frohe Ostern – Happy Easter

Are you looking forward to searching for your Easter eggs? You’ve already eaten them all? Or maybe you don’t like chocolate! (Really???) Then how about a different search for Easter eggs? The word search below contains 15 Easter words, all beginning with ‘Oster…’. Can you find them all? And more importantly, do you know what they … Read more

Learn some German on a rainy day

It’s raining again! Whether it’s raining where you are or not, we all like to talk (or should I say ‘moan’) about the weather. So, what better time than a rainy day to look at some compound words  😮 Although the word rain is ‘der Regen’, compound words which begin with ‘Regen’ aren’t necessarily ‘der’ … Read more

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