How to use ‘ich will’ and ‘ich werde’ when talking about the future in German

Whenever students want to talk about the future, they often get wollen and werden mixed up. It’s understandable, because ‘ich will’ sounds like ‘I will’. But it’s a false friend, because ‘ich will’ means ‘I want’. When asked, for example, “Was wirst du morgen machen?” (What will you do tomorrow?) students told me “Ich will … Read more

German modal verbs without a second verb! Really?

Modal verbs! How much do you know about them? You probably remember a few things things: They are conjugated differently to ‘normal’ verbs. There aren’t many (können, müssen, sollen, wollen, dürfen) They are ‘helping verbs’ as they always come with a second verb. You’ll find that second verb in its infinitive at the end of … Read more

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