How to use the German word WILLKOMMEN

A while ago I was asked when (or how) to use willkommen with bei, in, zu, auf or an. I answered and then did a little research to see if there was more. The result is this blog post. Willkommen & dative prepositions: Willkommen as an adjective. If it’s used an an adjective and comes … Read more

10+ German translations for the English word “to”

When you learn vocabulary it helps if there is a straight translation. For example, when it comes to learning German it’s easy to learn the word for child, because it’s ‘Kind’ – one straight translation for one word. But when it comes to prepositions, it’s a different matter. There are lots of translations and it’s sometimes … Read more

How to memorise those pesky prepositions

When it comes to German grammar learning, I always get asked one big question: “How can I learn those prepositions?” The answer is always the same:”You just have to learn them.” The problem with prepositions is that they are not easy translatable. For example, in English we say ‘I’m on the bus’ which literally translated … Read more

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