Is it OK to learn German with old textbooks?

Are you always on the lookout for German textbooks?
Do you sometimes find some in charity shops, secondhand shops or car boot sales?
Do you then wonder whether it’s a good idea to buy them to learn German?

The answer is yes and no!

It’s a bit like reading Shakespeare when you’ve just learned how to read. In the beginning you needed to read books with vocabulary that you were familiar with and only later were you able to read and understand old books with words or spelling that we don’t use today.

So, if you’re a beginner then it’s best to stick to up-to-date books as you probably wouldn’t recognise if a word is old fashioned or spelled different to now.

If, however, you don’t read everything as ‘that’s how Germans speak’, then enjoy some of the older textbooks and use them as additional resources for your learning.

What might be different?

So, if you find an old German textbook and you find it interesting, buy it and enjoy it. And if it turns out to be boring – well, hopefully, you haven’t spent too much money on it.

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