How to conjugate German verbs in the perfect tense


How to conjugate German verbs in the perfect tense

If you have just started learning German, then you won’t need to watch these videos. But you might like to bookmark this blog post because at some stage in your German learning journey, you will want to be able to talk about something you have done or seen; you will want to talk or write in the past tense.

And the first thing you will learn is regular verbs in the perfect tense.

Why those?

There are two past tenses in German, the perfect and the imperfect tense. As a quick guide (and yes, there are exceptions) the perfect tense (das Perfekt) is used in spoken German and the imperfect tense (das Präteritum) is used in written German. And regular verbs are easy, because they follow a regular pattern. Even the exceptions  follow a pattern and are easy to learn.

The following three videos are from my past tense online course.
If they entice you to find out more, you can buy it here. The links will take you to the course’s landing page where you can get more information before you decide to buy.

Either way, I hope these videos will help you.

A lot easier than you thought, right?

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