Genusly – a Chrome add-on for email writing in German

Sadly, it doesn’t work anymore and looks like they won’t be any updates either. Here is another free ...


Use your Kindle to improve your German, part 2

Yesterday I told you about German Kindle books for learners, Today I had planned to tell you about ...


Practise your German grammar with a free smartphone app

A while ago I heard about this free Android app from DeutschAkademie. I’ve been trying it out for ...


Help, how do these German dual prepositions work?

  Yesterday I gave you some hints on how to memorise all those pesky prepositions. Today I just ...


How to memorise those pesky prepositions

When it comes to German grammar learning, I always get asked one big question: “How can I learn ...


Das doofe Fischlied – a silly song?

Do you know that feeling? You listen to a song on the radio. You find it absolutely terrible ...


German Grammar – sie, sie or Sie?

How do you know whether ‘sie’ means she or they or You? Do you know the difference? Several ...


German Grammar – Gender

Most English speakers struggle with the concept of different genders. In English everything is ‘the’ and all of ...


Don’t want to speak German? But you already do!

The other day I came across a blog post about 25 German Loanwords. It’s a good list, but ...


The 12 days of Christmas, erm, no, the 12 days of German learning

  On the first day of Christmas, Angelika gave to mea German textbook to see. On the second ...


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