Warum, darum, and other German questions and answers

Whenever my students get asked a question, I usually encourage them to answer in a whole sentence. It helps with formulating sentences, especially when you want to inform somebody without being asked. As an easy example, an answer to the question “Woher kommen Sie?” could be “Ich komme aus England”. If you had that question … Read more

Got a questions about learning German? Ask Angelika!

Have you ever had a burning question about learning German or about German grammar? Maybe you are using Duolingo and don’t understand why some sentences are what they are but there is no explanation? The first episode has already happened: The questions I answered so far were questions I had answered on Quora before.  What is the best … Read more

If rabbits could speak German

………. what would they tell us? Two of my students kindly let me interview their gorgeous rabbit to find out  😀 Wie heißt du? Ich heiße Chester. Wie alt bist du? Ich bin fünf Monate alt. Wann hast du Geburtstag? Mein Geburtstag ist am 24. Januar. Hast du Haustiere, z.B. ein Kaninchen? Nein, ich HABE kein … Read more

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