Don’t want to speak German? But you already do!

The other day I came across a blog post about 25 German Loanwords. It’s a good list, but ...


The 12 days of Christmas, erm, no, the 12 days of German learning

  On the first day of Christmas, Angelika gave to mea German textbook to see. On the second ...


Lost German compound nouns found after long search

About two years ago I posted an A to Z of long German compound nouns on twitter – ...


German Compound Nouns are Outnumbered!

Have I got your attention? Did you think, ‘Yay, no more those long, long German words’. Or was ...


When is a dumb question not a dumb question?

“Don’t be afraid to ask dumb questions. They are easier to handle than dumb mistakes.” (unknown) A dumb ...


How cookie monster can help with German grammar

So, you’ve started learning German and it’s going well. You even understand that there are three words for ...


The, the & the

As I said in my last blog, there are 3 ways of saying ‘the’ (actually, there are lots ...


“Please Miss, what’s a noun?”

This is a question I hear a lot from children when I teach at schools. But often adults don’t ...


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