Learn some German on a rainy day

Learn some German on a rainy day

It’s raining again!

Whether it’s raining where you are or not, we all like to talk (or should I say ‘moan’) about the weather.

So, what better time than a rainy day to look at some compound words  😮

Although the word rain is ‘der Regen’, compound words which begin with ‘Regen’ aren’t necessarily ‘der’ as the last word within that word will give you the gender of the compound word. Have a look at the following words. they all start wit ‘Regen’:

der Regenschauer – rain shower
der Regenreifen – rain tyre
der Regentanz – rain dance
der Regenguss – downpour
der Regenschirm – umbrella
der Regenmantel – raincoat
der Regenbogen – rainbow
der Regenwurm – earthworm
der Regenwald – rainforest

die Regentonne – rain barrel
die Regenrinne – gutter
die Regenwolke – rain cloud
die Regenzeit – rainy season
die Regenjacke – rain jacket

das Regenwasser – rainwater
das Regenwetter – rainy weather

die Regentropfen – raindrops


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