Das Verbarium – German verbs at your fingertips

Das Verbarium - German verbs at your fingertips

EDIT 2024: it seems the new version has gone as well 😕

EDIT 2019: It looks like they removed this version, as the links don’t work. They have made a new app, which has more information but is also dearer, currently £12.00 Das Verbarium+, German Grammar

German verb conjugation can sometimes be a bit of a nightmare, right?

If you don’t agree, then that’s brilliant! But if you do, then here might be a solution: Das Verbarium.

This handy little smartphone app (Available on google play. I couldn’t find an iPhone version. If you can, please let me know) has a wealth of information.

It’s available as a free or paid version. The free version covers 200 German verbs, which is brilliant if you want to try it out before spending money. The paid version covers over 12000 verbs and currently costs £ 4.00  – cheaper than most books book and a lot easier to carry around.

So what does it do?  It gives you the verb and an English translation. It then gives you the verb in all tenses and for all pronouns. Have a look at this screenshot. 

It also shows you the same verb with any possible prefixes:

Try out the free version and see what you think. I think it’s brilliant!

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