Revise your German with these free videos

Last week I came across a post on Google+ with a video about prepositions. I checked it out and found out that there wasn’t just one video but a whole range of videos and lessons.

The page is Free German Lessons from Janine Wolf and the lessons consist of a PDF which you can download and a YouTube video – it’s  changed, see edit at the bottom of the post

Lessons are as varied as about the spring, grammar lessons, like modal verbs, prepositions or the weather:


The videos are nicely done and Janine speaks nice and slowly, which makes it easier for learners to understand.

Have a look at this one:

or her latest one about the accusative prepositions:

What I miss at the moment  is an index, as it’s a bit difficult to find out what’s available, but I’m sure that will come in time, as she puts more and more videos on the site.

What do you think of them? Have a look around the site and let me know!

Edit January 2017: since writing this blog post, Janine’s website has changed. All her videos are still free but you need to register for the individual courses, nicely sorted according to beginner’s, intermediate or advanced level. So, her videos are sorted into courses according to levels. They are still free (but you can buy her books), but you need to register for the courses. 







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