How to use Google Translate to help spell German words

When you start learning German in weekly lessons with a group or with a textbook on your own, at about chapter two or three you will come across the German alphabet. There are usually a few listening exercises and you get the chance to practise spelling your names or where you come from … and that’s it! A few weeks or months later, if you get asked to spell your name, you have no idea because you have forgotten everything.

What can you do? How can you practise the German alphabet again?
Go back to those pages in the book? You could do that, but the exercises are still the same and the words you would practise are also still the same.

So, how about using Google Translate?

Google Translate? I can hear you shout. Yes, Google Translate.

All you need to do is type a German word, but with a space between each letter. Google Translate will then read each letter to you. Don’t believe me? Watch the video!

What do you think? A neat little trick, isn’t it?

This video, by the way, is taken from my German Alphabet course. You can also try my free listening exercise on Memrise: the German Alphabet

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