A review of 5 German online spellcheckers

A review of 5 German online spellcheckers

The other day I was asked if there was a similar grammar and spelling check site for German, similar to Grammarly.

I didn’t know the answer but said I would find out.

The good news is there are German sites. The bad news? You still have to do your own checks as they seem to correct spelling reasonably well,  but not grammar.

I used the following text to try them.

“Diese Jahr fahre wir nach Deutschland und ich bin sehr aufgeregt. Ich werde mit das Flugzug fliegen. Wir sind im August zwei Wochen bleiben und berlin besuchen.”

Corrected, the text should be “Dieses Jahr fahren wir nach Deutschland und ich bin sehr aufgeregt. Ich werde mit dem Flugzeug fliegen. Wir werden im August zwei Wochen bleiben und Berlin besuchen.”

I tested 5 free sites. Did they find the mistakes?

These were the sites. They all seem useful to eke out spelling mistakes, but remember any grammar mistakes (or even spelling mistakes) may still be there.






Have you tried any of them (or similar)? What was your experience?

4 thoughts on “A review of 5 German online spellcheckers”

  1. Hi Angelika,

    I’m a German newbie and needs a grammar checker, too.
    Thanks for the comparison. Here is my ten cents, I come to spot an alternative:


    It couldn’t find “sind” either but found other issues that languagetool couldn’t.
    Hope this would be helpful to someone.

    • Oh, I like it! Thank you.
      Yes, I just posted my original wrong sentence into the site and it made great suggestions. I’m puzzled why they can’t find the ‘sind’ part either. Even if ‘sind’ was correct, they should then have queried ‘bleiben’. But if the sites are improving, maybe one day they will spot all the mistakes 😃

  2. “eke”, not “eek”

    To eke out something in this context means to obtain or create, but just barely.

    To eek out something would mean to frighten it (I assume).

    I can’t tell if you intentionally made this error or not but it certainly looks like even the English grammar checker doesn’t always catch the odd error.


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