German Teaching

Help, I don’t know when to use der Teil or das Teil!

Did you know that the German word for part is Teil? There are other words, but in this ...


Practise your German grammar with the Digitale Schule Bayern

EDIT SEPTEMBER 2020: The Digitale Schule Bayern has closed. It’s not very clear whether this is permanent or ...


How to be vague in German

At some stage in your German learning, you will come across words with the prefix ‘irgend’ – actually, ...


Weg or weg, that is the question!

How can a short German three letter word be complicated? When it has two different pronunciations! The three ...


Honour thy German Teacher!

  Today is World Teacher Day! It’s been celebrated every 5th October since 1994. “According to UNESCO, World ...


Great tips from the Creative Language Learning Podcast

  Last month I have been interviewed by fellow native German speaker and teacher Kerstin Hammes at Fluent ...


Care for some smarter German?

Regular readers know that I’m always on the lookout for free resources to enable you to speak smarter German ...


Spiellieder – a website with German children’s songs

  I have written about Detlef Cordes’ songs before (here and here) but as he’s updated his website, ...


Did you go to the Language Show?

  As every year for the last seven or so years I went to the Language Show in ...


Improve your German with videos from Yabla

The lovely people of Yabla invited me to try out their site which I am very happily doing ...


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