German Translations

Astrantia – the New Dual Language Browser

EDIT 2019: The programme needs updating, so you cannot register at the moment. Have you ever come across ...


Linguee – the new improved online dictionary

  I’ve been using Linguee for quite a few years now and also have been recommending it to ...


Spot the spelling mistakes

I took this picture on a motorway car park as I was amazed how it is possible to ...


Will Skype Translator make translators redundant?

I  read an interesting blog post yesterday about a new product from Skype, Skype Translator, which they hope ...


How to learn German while gardening

At this time of the year, many of my students tell me that they spend a lot of ...


Learn German during the World Cup

  EDIT: Of course, this post is for any time, not just World Cups – as long as ...


13 German idioms with drinks

Many years ago a friend gave me this little jar with chocolate drink as a present. The powder ...


How to write a personal letter in German

  If you have read my last two posts about writing a business letter or email, you may ...


Germany’s taboo word of 2013

Every year a German organisation declares a word as ‘Unwort des Jahres’, the word of the year which ...


Is Google Translate getting any better?

Google Translate has been around for a long time now and over the years has improved immensely. For ...


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