German Translations

Es tut mir leid, I didn’t mean to be rude!

I wrote this blog post in 2011 for another website, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. The post is ...


Setzen, stellen oder legen – oh, I’ll just put it there!

A few years ago a student was talking in German about items on a table. He said:”Ich putze das Buch auf ...


Hatschi! 10 German phrases to explain your cold

When you  learn German, after a while you know what to say when you are ill. As that topic still ...


How many American actors speak German?

Actually, I have no idea how many American actors speak German! I also don’t know how many English ...


Practise your German with an online picture dictionary

  Do you like dictionaries? Most people don’t. They are boring to read, but, of course, useful, when ...


Im Bärenkrankenhaus – at the bear hospital

  Last weekend I went to the official opening of Moonraker Bears, a local bear shop and hospital. ...


Dasselbe? Das Gleiche? It’s all the same to me!

Dasselbe? Das Gleiche? It’s all the same to me! Or is it? Sometimes you want to say that ...


I’m a little teapot – no, I’m looking for German words!

The other day somebody posted a picture with a German word and several meanings. Seeing the picture, my ...


Honour thy German Teacher!

  Today is World Teacher Day! It’s been celebrated every 5th October since 1994. “According to UNESCO, World ...


What is the difference between reden, sprechen & sagen?

A few weeks ago a student asked me what the difference is between the verbs reden, sprechen and ...


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