German Translations

Let’s talk about money – in German, of course!

  Show me the money! Let’s talk about money! To be more precise, German money and what the Germans ...


Weg or weg, that is the question!

How can a short German three letter word be complicated? When it has two different pronunciations! The three ...


Learn German with Modern Literature

Last year I read an interesting German book called ‘Wilde Jahre in West Berlin’, all about somebody’s time ...


How to ask questions in German

Anybody who has watched the German Sesame Street – Sesamstraße – will most likely remember the theme song: ...


How to say sorry in German

Sometimes I hear students mixing up “Entschuldigung” and “Entschuldigen Sie” by saying “Enschuldigung Sie”. So, today’s post is a ...


German dialects – Fränkisch

In our 8th blog post of German dialects and second part of Upper German we look at the Franconian ...


5 ways to translate the German word ‘man’

Sometimes certain German words have many meanings in English depending on the context in which you use them. ...


Es tut mir leid, I didn’t mean to be rude!

I wrote this blog post in 2011 for another website, which sadly doesn’t exist anymore. The post is ...


Setzen, stellen oder legen – oh, I’ll just put it there!

A few years ago a student was talking in German about items on a table. He said:”Ich putze das Buch auf ...


Hatschi! 10 German phrases to explain your cold

When you  learn German, after a while you know what to say when you are ill. As that topic still ...


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