Ordering coffee in Germany

One of the first things you usually learn as a beginner is how to order a coffee in Germany. You learn that a cup of coffee is ‘eine Tasse Kaffee’: And a pot of coffee is ‘ein Kännchen Kaffee’: So, I was really surprised when during our holidays in Germany I spotted this: Two thoughts … Read more

Wir suchen Deutschland – then and now

If you’ve been following my series of pages from an old children’s book, you would have seen that – according to the 1948 book – it was quite an adventure to travel through Germany. To remind you again, the book covered in poem form a fictitious journey of two small children, Peter and Sabine, who … Read more

German for your holidays

This post contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you. The following text is a chapter from my book The A to Z of Learning German: 26 ideas to make learning German more exciting and fun! Visit Germany to practise your … Read more

How to buy a German train ticket from a machine

Whenever I teach a beginners’ class there is always the obligatory lesson on how to buy a train ticket. You know the ones, asking how much a ticket is and then buying it … But what do you do when you get to the station and there is no kiosk to buy your ticket, only … Read more

24 Reasons for Learning German – We Love Germany

Advent Calendar Day 23 Today’s post comes from Michael and Gisela. Thanks, you two!   My wife (Gisela) and I have been learning German for nearly three years now with Angelika.  We started to learn German with Angelika because we wanted to learn the language with a native German. Gisela and I met and married … Read more

24 Reasons for Learning German – Cycling along the Mosel

Advent Calendar Day 18 Today’s post comes from Richard H. Thank you, Richard! I started to learn German at School in 1970 and initially enjoyed it because the language seemed much easier than French, with many German words the same as English. However after a couple of years I started to struggle with the more complex … Read more

24 Reasons for Learning German – Working with Germans

Advent Calendar Day 13 Today’s post has been written by Richard. Thank you, Richard! I am an engineer who conducts a large amount of work with colleagues from other nations, including Germany. However, I actually started learning German as a fun challenge. It is only in retrospect this proved to be extremely beneficial in my … Read more

24 Reasons for Learning German – Walking in the Alps

Advent Calendar Day 8 Today’s post has been written by Hannah. Thank you, Hannah! I had to do two years of German lessons at school but languages were not my strong point and I dropped the subject as soon as I could.  Several years later I visited Germany for the first time.  I spent a … Read more

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