German Translations

German Idiom – den Wald vor lauter Bäumen nicht sehen

buy modafinil worldwide   While going for a long walk the other day I suddenly had the idea of introducing German ...


The ‘Appy Traveller

calamitously A few weeks ago I went to France for  the Twinning weekend. Devizes is twinned with two towns, ...


51 things I learned this year 2011 A few weeks ago some friends wrote blog posts about 51 things they learned this year.  I ...


Should I have a German translation of my website?

Do I really need one? Yes, no, maybe! If you are selling your products or services to the ...


Top 10 German SMS Abbreviations resembling English words

I came across a German text message abbreviation the other day  that looked like an English word, so I ...


German for dog lovers

Did you hear about the Englishman and his French dog? Apparently, the dog will only react to French ...


Valentin – ich liebe dich!

As it’s Valentine’s Day in a few days, I thought it’s only a fitting service to offer those ...


Word Plays

While I was teaching somebody today we were talking about the German and English words for jobs  and ...


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