How to learn German a stitch at a time

I used to do a lot of cross stitch but in the last few years had very little ...


The ‘Appy Traveller

A few weeks ago I went to France for  the Twinning weekend. Devizes is twinned with two towns, ...


How to write a German love letter

This morning  my friend Pia Parry came across an unusual website, where you can generate a love letter in ...


Improve your German with 10 useful German Magazines

Once my students have acquired a basic  knowledge of German they often ask me what other text (rather ...


Learn German with Children’s TV Programmes

  How is your German learning coming along? Good?! I’m glad to hear it! You are having your ...


German is the most useful language to learn!

  I just had to share this with you! The Telegraph posted a very interesting slide show today about ...


Austria says hello, but Germany says goodbye!

  Could you imagine that somebody would patent the word ‘hello’ and you couldn’t sell T-Shirts with it? ...


Liebeslied – Love Song

I just found this beautiful German love song – perfect for Valentine’s Day – so I thought, I’d ...


5 celebrities who speak German as a Foreign Language

I have just procrastinated spent valuable time searching Youtube for celebrities who speak German as a foreign language. Here ...


German Compound Nouns are Outnumbered!

Have I got your attention? Did you think, ‘Yay, no more those long, long German words’. Or was ...


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