The many benefits of lifelong learning

Although today’s blog post is very general and is about anything you can learn, please remember that a lifelong German learning is, of course, extremely worthwhile. And all the benefits mentioned also apply to learning German. From the time we’re children, we’re pushed to learn things. By adulthood, most people are somewhat relieved when the … Read more

10 places where you can practise your German

You’ve been learning German for a while and, although you do enjoy it, you’re getting a bit bored. You’ve tried different resources which helped, but you still think there’s something missing. How about a change of scenery? Take your books, pen, paper, phone with apps – whatever you use – and practise your German somewhere … Read more

A German learner’s story

For today’s blog post I’m pleased to introduce you to one of my newsletter subscribers, Kirsty Major of English with Kirsty, who describes how she turned learning German into working with German. Over to you, Kirsty: How my favourite subject at school became part of my job When I started High School, German wasn’t on my … Read more

Gareth’s language learning journey – part 2

Did you read Friday’s blog post  ? It was a guest post by Gareth Evans of FlashSticks and it was so long, I turned it into two parts. If you haven’t read it yet, read it first before carrying on. So here is part 2: When things started to go wrong I have to be … Read more

Improve your German with German TV

A while ago I wrote how listening to German radio stations can help with learning German, and then the blog post Learn German with Children’s TV Programmes  for people who have started learning German. Today I’d like to give some suggestions for those who already understand enough to watch a bit more advanced TV. Watch TV … Read more

Teach Yourself German … with a little help!

Does this sound familiar? You’ve decided you want to learn German and then you can’t find a group to join and you can’t afford one-to-one lessons. So you think “I can do this by myself!” You go and buy a text book and look at it twice: once when you’ve bought it ………… and the … Read more

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