Last week I saw the following tweet on twitter, a question I see a lot in various online forums.

So, what do you do if you want to learn a foreign language but don’t know which one? If you asked me, I would say ‘learn German’, but I am, of course, biased, just as any other language teacher would be.  Ask your friends and they will remember all the horrible days of language learning at school (and a few nice ones). So, asking others might not give you the answer you want. Instead have a think about the following points:

If this doesn’t help, watch some films on YouTube in foreign languages or listen to some songs, even if you don’t understand anything! Does one language sound more appealing to you?
If that still doesn’t help, use one of the many free online resources, like Duolingo and try out several languages. Which one did you enjoy most? That’s the one to learn!

If that still hasn’t helped you chose which language to learn, decide with the help of  highly complicated scientific experiments, like the above tweeter did last week:

Based on yesterday’s semi-final game that’ll be German, then  😉

Edit: and based on Sunday’s final, it will be German  😆

Edit 2017: if you need any further ideas, my free Udemy course might help: Language Learning – how to decide which is the best for you

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