Gareth’s language learning journey – part 2

Did you read Friday’s blog post  ? It was a guest post by Gareth Evans of FlashSticks and ...


Gareth’s language learning journey – part 1

The next two blog posts are guest posts, written by Gareth Evans, the Marketing guy over at FlashSticks; ...


Learn German with Peppa Pig

  When my children were little I knew all about the cartoons they used to watch, but now ...


How to write a German business email

Last week I wrote about German business letters which lead to the question: Is there anything  I need to ...


Germany’s taboo word of 2013

Every year a German organisation declares a word as ‘Unwort des Jahres’, the word of the year which ...


Blogging competition winners

Three weeks ago I posted a blogging competition with the challenge of writing a story in 26 sentences from ...


Is Google Translate getting any better?

Google Translate has been around for a long time now and over the years has improved immensely. For ...


Keep up to date with Angelika’s newsletter

Do you get excited when you have mail? I only seem to get really exciting mail at Christmas ...


Phraseum – a web clipping app for language learning

I get a lot of email newsletters every day, most get a quick scan and then deleted, but ...


Learn German with FlashSticks

Last weekend I went to the Language Show  to attend some seminars, meet other language teachers and to find ...


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