Sing in German with your child with help from BilinguaSing

The links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you decide to subscribe and click through those links, I will earn a little bit of money. It won’t affect the cost of your subscription and it won’t allow me to stop working – so we’re both safe  😉 I love music and I … Read more

Improve your German with German songs

This page contains affiliate links to Amazon. It means I’ll get a few pence if you buy anything – at no extra cost to you. How do you practise your German when you’re no longer a beginner? One way is to incorporate the new language into regular tasks. And even better, combine your love of … Read more

Practise your German with church hymns and bible stories

Students often ask me what they can do to practise more German in addition to their textbook or course. I always tell them to think of their hobbies and find some German resources. For example, a football fan can find a German website of a football club, a music fan can follow a German singer’s … Read more

The seasons in German – Winter

The 21st December is the official first day of winter , so this blog post is about winter with German words and videos.Let’s start with some Winter… words: der Winteranfang – beginning of winter die Winterdepression – winter depression/ blues winterfest – winterproof/ hardy der Wintergarten – conservatory das Wintergrün – wintergreen (plants) das Winterhalbjahr … Read more

The seasons in German – Herbst

EDIT 2023: This year it’s the 23rd. The 22nd or 23rd of September is the official first day of autumn (or fall for my American readers), so this blog post is about autumn with German words and songs.Let’s start with some Herbst… words: der Herbst – autumn/ fall der Herbstanfang – beginning of autumn der … Read more

The seasons in German – Sommer

The 21st June is the official first day of summer, so this blog post is about summer with  German words and songs. Unlike for spring (see my spring post here) there is only one word in German for summer: der Sommer. But the summer is divided into several parts. der Frühsommer – early summer der Hochsommer – midsummer … Read more

The seasons in German – Frühling

The 20th March is the official first day of spring, so this blog post is about spring with lots of words and phrases. There are three words in German for spring: der Frühling (this is the official word for the season spring) der Frühlingsanfang – beginning of spring die Frühlingsgefühle – spring fever die Frühlingszwiebel – … Read more

How a German singer can inspire to learn German

  I always find it interesting to hear what inspires students to learn German. This weeks blog post is from a student, who wishes to remain anonymous, but has complained to me that whenever there is a blog post about the ‘Top 10 German singers’, the sites never mention Sandra. As I only remember Sandra as … Read more

Three white pigeons – a German listening exercise

I took a picture of this pretty white pigeon the other day and it reminded me of a German lesson I held a few years ago. It was  a listening exercise with a song about three white pigeons. On my way home I wondered whether the band who sung this song were still around. So … Read more

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