German Teaching

What subjects do German school children learn?

  Shortly after I posted Thursday’s post about school I spoke to a student about school subjects and the ...


German idioms with colours

  Yesterday I saw somebody with a black eye, which reminded me how we use idioms differently. In ...


Learn German with FlashSticks

Last weekend I went to the Language Show  to attend some seminars, meet other language teachers and to find ...


Persistence pays – a froggy story

  In one of this week’s lessons, I let my students listen to a story about two frogs ...


Don’t want to speak German? But you already do!

The other day I came across a blog post about 25 German Loanwords. It’s a good list, but ...


51 things I learned this year

2011 A few weeks ago some friends wrote blog posts about 51 things they learned this year.  I ...


You do WHAT for a Living?

    I love listening to BBC Wiltshire  and I frequently send in text messages or phone in.  ...


What made me become a German tutor?

Ich helfe meinem Papa beim Korrigieren von Hausaufgaben! I’m helping my dad mark homework!   As a child I ...


A day in the life of a freelance teacher

Last week I did an exercise with a student about daily routine. She asked me (in German, of ...


… and a thank you to the Wise Guys

EDIT 2017: Sadly, the Wise Guys have split up, but their website is still available (although won’t be ...


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